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SwimFit at Gatton is now Lockyer Valley Pools. Find out more here

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Swim & Fitness Centre

Our Facilities

Welcome to

Laverton Swim & Fitness Centre

The perfect place for relaxing, increasing your fitness levels or for having fun with your family.

Laverton Swim and Fitness Centre is a family operated business. Our continued success relies on the satisfaction of our clients. We believe we offer the best “value for money” options around, and our 30 year involvement in the industry supports that belief.

Squad Classes

We cater for all swimmers’ abilities whether you want to improve your general fitness, have fun, or reach a competitive swimming goal.

Learn to Swim

BlueFit Swimming is now at Laverton Swim and Fitness in Laverton, offering lessons to people of all ages and abilities.

Adult Fitness

Adults boost their fitness at our centers, choosing between dynamic aqua aerobics sessions and rigorous gym workouts.

Family play

Families find joy at our facilities, diving into playful water activities and shared swimming experiences.

Meet our

Laverton Swim & Fitness Centre Community

Dive into a world where our dedicated community immerses itself in the refreshing rhythm of aqua aerobics, embarks on comprehensive swimming lessons tailored for all ages, and finds joy in every splash. Here, fun meets fitness in the embrace of our state-of-the-art pools, ensuring every visit is both enjoyable and beneficial for your health. 

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Latest News

Laverton Swim and Fitness Centre are under new management from 1st January 2024

Welcome to BlueFit at Laverton Swim & Fitness Centre

After careful consideration, BlueFit Group will oversee all managed facilities, prioritizing customers, students, families, and our committed team.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander artists to collaborate with to create artwork for our Reflect Reconciliation Plan 2024-2025. What is a

Tuesday, July 25th, is World Drowning Prevention Day. This year’s theme, “Anyone Can Drown, But No One Should,” highlights the urgency of preventing drowning incidents. Last year 281 people drowned

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